Open Ordering has so many features that will benefit your business. Scroll down to learn more about our favourite features that we know will improve your profitability and make life easier for you and your staff members.

Open Ordering is built around restaurant owners

Our solution has been built from your feedback, and we have implemented every feature that can be useful to you and your business.

We care about our clients

Our clients are like family to us. We are all in this together and we believe that success is built through strong business and personal relationships.

Your customers will find it easier to order

Online ordering is much easier than ordering other the phone. In fact, you are 60% more likely to receive an order if you have online ordering.

An all-inclusive solution for taking orders

When you order from Open Ordering, you can expect a streamlined process to get set up and start taking orders online. We provide a solution that allows you to take orders online, process payments, send orders to your printer, and even market your business. You can sit back and relax whilst we set up everything for you, including a premium website design and uploading your menu.

If you ever have any issues, all you have to do is let us know and we will urgently fix the issues you are having. We have a great customer care team that are always active by Messenger or WhatsApp, even just for a friendly chat.

If you’d like to learn more about our features, please scroll down to have a read. We also push out regular updates to ensure that your system stays up to date and secure.

Website Features

You get a premium website designed specifically for your business.
The website is regularly updated to ensure it always stays fresh and modern.
Ability to display your entire menu online.
Take Table Reservations directly through your website.
Customers can order takeaway food online rather than calling you.
A Live Chat system where customers can ask you questions, such as customizing a dish.
100% Secure SSL Website – to give your customers peace of mind.
FREE Domain name and hosting – you won’t pay a penny!

Online Ordering System Features

Take orders from all devices – whether it be a computer, laptop, mobile device, or tablet.
You’ll never lose any customers due to how simple it makes the ordering process for them!
You are alerted through the administration panel & email about new orders.
Your Menu is displayed and manually uploaded online for you, included in the set up fee.
Delivery Zones so that you can manage delivery areas- we will speak to you and get it up for you.
Customers can pay online by card, or via cash. You can accept PayPal, Stripe, or Authorize.
Automatic order printing – we will guide you on how to set this up.
We take no commission. Ever.

Easy Marketing & Promotions

Capture your customer numbers and emails, so you can send them promotions to entice them into ordering again.
Your website is listed on Google so customers can find you easily.
Advertise promotions on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.
Create coupons – i.e. 20% off on Tuesdays.
Tons of marketing advice included.

Happy Customers

Your existing customers will order more often, especially if you follow our marketing tips.
Never miss an order – giving your customers more ways to order increases their chances of ordering.
They will feel more comfortable paying online instead of over the phone.
Your Menu is displayed and manually uploaded online for you, included in the set up fee.
Confirmation email sent to customer, and their details are added to a database so you can contact them.
Live Chat System so they can communicate with you prior to ordering.
Automatic order printing – we will guide you on how to set this up.

About Us

Read more about how Open Ordering started and what our goals are within this industry.

How Open Ordering Works

Learn more about how our software works and what you can expect when you purchase from Open Ordering.


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