We offer a solution that nobody else can offer. Simplicity.

Open Ordering is built around restaurant owners

Our solution has been built from your feedback, and we have implemented every feature that can be useful to you and your business.

We care about our clients

Our clients are like family to us. We are all in this together and we believe that success is built through strong business and personal relationships.

Your customers will find it easier to order

Online ordering is much easier than ordering other the phone. In fact, you are 60% more likely to receive an order if you have online ordering.

Revolutionising Takeaway Orders

At Open Ordering, our mission is to innovate the world of takeaway ordering.

The world is moving away from phone calls and moving towards doing everything online via a computer or mobile device.

Your restaurant should be doing this too, in order to capture as many customers as possible.

Don’t stay in the dark ages, increase your profitability now!

Why We Started

A client of ours presented us with an issue. He said that managing a restaurant is time consuming, and he needed a solution that would increase efficiency and profitability. We have put hard work into developing our solution – Open Ordering. Efficiency is improved because your staff no longer have to spend hours on the phones, taking orders, questions and card payments.

Simply, all of this has been developed into an online ordering solution that is both easy and affordable. You will see an increase in your revenue and profitability.

By having Open Ordering, your customer journey will be significantly easier, meaning they are more likely to order from you. In addition, you can send out offers and promotions to your existing customers with just a click of a button, meaning you have a higher chance of getting orders on those quieter days.

By far, Open Ordering is the most advanced ordering system yet, and you’ll love it. You will love being able to log in to your admin panel at any time and seeing orders. You’ll love being able to see your top spenders and send them out regular promotional offers to increase repeat orders on quieter days. But, most importantly, you’ll love the effect it will have on your profits.

Plus, we take 0% commission because the last thing we want to do is take your hard earned money.

About Us

Read more about how Open Ordering started and what our goals are within this industry.

How Open Ordering Works

Learn more about how our software works and what you can expect when you purchase from Open Ordering.


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