#1 Online Takeaway Ordering Solution

Our Online Food Ordering System has been built alongside restaurant owners, so you are guaranteed to increase your profits. We charge 0% commission on all orders, as the last thing we want to do is take all your hard earned money.

Get Your Own Website

We will design your website to suit you and your business. You will be able to edit content on the website.

Your Own Online Ordering System with 0% Commission.

We charge a reasonable fixed monthly fee, no extra charges or commission.

“Amazing experience. My customers are making a lot more repeat orders as I can easily send out marketing promotions.”

Arman Shahjid, Director, India Village Ltd

Give your customers the best possible ordering experience

You will have your own branded website where you can take online takeaway orders and restaurant reservations without even lifting a finger.

0% Commission

Third party services take hefty commissions, meaning you are giving away a huge chunk of your revenue. We charge you 0% commission. Keep your profits.

Easy Marketing

90% of takeaway orders are usually from existing customers. Keep them by capturing their email address and phone number to send out regular loyalty offers to make them order a lot more.

Tons of Features

Our ordering system has tons of integrated features to help you manage and expand your business. Why not request a callback so we can arrange a demo?

Increase Staff Productivity

Using the phones less means that your staff can focus on other things in the restaurant, as well as avoiding any possible language barriers and getting an order wrong.

What Do I Get With Open Ordering?

A Professional Website and Ordering System

We are a team of seasoned web developers and restaurant owners. Thus, you can rely on us for providing an ultra modern and professional website design and ordering system that will benefit help you and your business. We will manually put work into building every single page of your website and adding your menu items for you. We will help you integrate payment methods and ensure your website is fully set up within 7 days.

Ultra Modern Website
Regular Updates to your Website
An Easy-to-use Content Management System

A Powerful CMS (Content Management System)

You will be able to make changes to your website yourself if you want to, but we are always around to do it for you. You will get a very powerful CMS where you can monitor orders and even keep track of your customers who order the most from you, so you can send them regular promotions to keep them on board. You can set delivery zones to control where you are getting delivery orders from. There are a huge amount of features, and we are always improving on our software to keep ahead.

Monitor all orders coming in
Daily, Monthly, Yearly Sales Reports
See at a glance your biggest spenders
Make Promotional Offers to send out
Receipts automatically print to your printer
Manage Delivery Zones, Change Pricing and tons more…

What will happen when I have an Ordering System?

Your Customers Order More Often

As a restaurant owner, you have to make sure your customers order from you as often as possible. By having your own website, you give your customers an easy and direct way to order from your restaurant online. We can give you guidance on how to send out offers to customers to get regular orders. With Open Ordering, you will increase customer loyalty, as well as your turnover due to a high number of orders coming in.

Increase Revenue through returning customers
Simple, seamless checkout experience
Send out regular promotional offers

No More Busy Phone Lines

Taking online orders is time efficient as your staff do not have to spend all their time on the phones. When you have an influx of customers at once, having a busy phone line may lead to customers going to one of your competitors as they cannot wait for you. Having your own ordering system prevents this from happening as it offers an easy way for your customers to enjoy your food.

Don’t lose customers to busy phone lines
Stay ahead of your competitors
Less Phone Lines = Save £££

How Much Money Can I Save?

We charge 0% commission, which has the opportunity to save you thousands of pounds annually. This table is a rough estimate of how much you can save by using Open Ordering.







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Want 3 Month's Free?

You'll just have to pay the £99 set up fee. You won't be charged anything after that until you decide to renew.

Want 3 Month's Free?

You'll just have to pay the £99 set up fee. You won't be charged anything after that until you decide to renew.